About Non Disclosure Agreements

About Non Disclosure Agreements

Lately I’ve been asked to sign these documents called Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). While the companies that want me to sign them try to protect their super highly secret and very successful “intelectual property” the statements they claim on the... Make Emacs yasnippet work with html-helper-mode

Make Emacs yasnippet work with html-helper-mode

Yasnippet is a great emacs minor mode that lets you have lots of code snippets easily at hand. Also you can create your own snippets in a very easy way without needing to write them in emacs lisp. Basically, like textmate shortcuts for emacs. I use html-helper-mode to...

Soviet-like antipiracy campaign targeted at kids in Mexico

The mexican newspaper El Universal published a contest for kids sponsored by IMPI (the organization that in charge of “intelectual property” and patents in Mexico) which invites kids to report to the IMPI for any “piracy” acts their parents,... Depending on web services

Depending on web services

What would happen if your access to most of your online services were to be disabled? What would you loose? I’ve been in situations where we have to decide either to run certain applications on our server, like E-mail, scheduling, project management, etc. Or use... Chrome license makes Google more than the new Big Brother

Chrome license makes Google more than the new Big Brother

Yesterday’s big news was that Google released their own “open source” browser called Google Chrome. They released only the binaries for Windows, and even thought they claim to be open source, I don’t see where I can get the source code yet. But...