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Occupy San Francisco images

Last week I went to San Francisco to do some business, and having some extra days I decided to get outside and take [...]

Will be speaking at FSLVallarta 2011

This year I’ll be giving two talks at the Festival del Software Libre in Puerto Vallarta. This time I got invited on two [...]

Robots and Gadgets at Google IO 2011

There were a lot of robots and gadgets at Google IO 2011. This machine was a very cool implementation of a 360 degrees [...]

Great time attending Google IO 2011

This year I got to finally attend the Google I/O event. I was lucky to easily get my entrance ticket the day they [...]

Going to Google I/O 2011

I’m going to be at Google I/O 2011 in San Francisco. I’m exited! Its the first time I’ll attend a Google event. On [...]

My top 5 favorite Free Software programs

Happy Software Freedom day! In celebration of it, I’ll list the top 5 free software programs I use. – GNU Emacs Very powerful [...]

First day at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010

DrupalCon San Francisco has been great. Yes, its been only one day but I love the atmosphere. There are several tracks going on [...]

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