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Plain text markup languages

Instead of relying in complicated bloated office programs or embedding messy WYSIWYG interfaces in web applications, a quick way to format plain text [...]

How to fix Skype on Debian 64bits constant crashing

If you use Debian 64bits and Skype you may run into some trouble installing it and running it, since there is no 64bit [...]

Protect your personal information privacy with GPG encryption

Political scandals have always been about leaked information. Don’t you wonder why sensitive data has been passed around in clear text on the [...]

Using Git with Subversion repository subdirectory

Interacting a local git repository with a subversion one has been very useful and is very common on old projects. The way to [...]

Upgrading Samsung Galaxy S from Telcel to Darky’s Rom v10.1 with Android Gingerbread

This upgrade took my whole Saturday so this post might save you a lot of time searching through forums to get the Darky [...]
Chromium Logo

Change your default browser to Chromium in Debian and Emacs

The web browser is nowadays the most important and frequently used tool in a computer. Recently I’ve been using more the Chromium browser [...]

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