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Change default columns in Drupal grid view

I've been working with Drupal templates these past weeks and I needed to make a photogallery. I found a great resource for doing it following this nice video. But because of the space available in my template's design, I needed 3 columns intstead of the default 4 on...

Apple’s WWDC Keynote effect

It is incredible the effect that Steve Job's announcements have on the internets tubez. The keynote is starting and there's a lot of speculation about Twitter coming down to its knees. Well... so far I can still access twitter. There's a lot of links where to get live...

Life updates

Its been a while since my last update here on my blog. Truth is that I've been distracted with other types of blogging but mainly I've been through major changes. I don't know if I wrote about it before, but I used to work for a web startup for...


I’m Gabriel

This is a pesonal space where I dump my thoughts from time to time about web development, coding, photography, life and pretty much anything