After the storm, Alex in Monterrey

For those far away from Mexico or unaware that the hurrcane (then tropical storm) Alex hit Monterrey city, well, this weekend has been a very unusual one. On Wednesday I drove back earlier than usual from Saltillo, since the rain had already started. The road was very dangerous and I had to drive through intense rain (low visibility) and avoiding sliding rocks from the mountain that were being washed down with the water.

The storm hit the city on Thursday’s early morning (during the night still). And what normally is a dry river, with golf courts, football fields, a circus, a flea market, go karts… and there was even a town fair going on, turned into a very aggressive river. It destroyed several main streets of the city, wiped out about 1200 houses and took down monuments and bridges.

Me and my roommate went out a little bit, since the river is a few blocks away from our flat, to see it with our own eyes. We didn’t get too close, because the roads were falling into the river, so we had to be very careful and discrete.

Fortunately, nothing got damaged at my house or building or any of my belongings. Services were intermitent, mainly the power went out for long times. Yesterday we had no internet access all day until today, and today I have no running water, but well, overall I’ve been very very lucky. This “trouble” was nothing, compared to the thousands of people left without houses, or got their cars floated away and crashed somewhere else, and worse loses.

I just want to say that me, my girlfriend and my roommate are okay and suffered no damages or loses. I only miss my girlfriend, since she lives on the other side of the river and its been very complicated to cross. Fortunately she hasn’t been alone, since her mother has been there with her all the time.

By Gabriel Saldaña

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hey is it safe to cross through saltillo to reach the us border like is the road in good shape for people to start crossing

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