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By a strange series of coincidences, I turned out to be called the “social media guy” at the office. Now its part of my job to socialmedia-ize company stuff.

Although from some developer’s perspective this seems laughable and to others might sound ephimeral, pointless or just dead easy simple, the new tasks assigned to me have taken a big chunk of my day job time, analyzing strategies, browsing content, finding and posting content, and all this that involves getting a brand out there and start building a community.

So I guess what you need to learn to become a “social media expert” is:

– know all the social media tools available and what they are for
– provide useful content out there to build your brand’s reputation
– learn to connect social media services to publish things everywhere without taking you too much time or drive you crazy using tools like NetworkedBlogs or Hootsuite and the like.
– observe and learn from others. If you’re new in the social game, you’ve got to first observe how others do it, research and analyze which approach works for your particular case and goals and test them out.
– listen and monitor the community you are forming up around your brand. You can get very valuable input from the community, and that’s the whole point of the “social media”: to get close with your audience.

I guess this is like a “community manager” of a sort. Its going to be interesting how this new role is going to play in my life and what path it leads to. Its certainly a strange weird job to have. Maybe its another cycle, the social media thing is laughable just the same as blogging was laughable in the early 2000’s years.

Just hope that it won’t “dry” up my brain and become the real dummy these books are directed for, since I’ve been taken a bit away from real development work.

I’m both excited and worried on this new role. I’ll learn the best I can from it. I find it funny and entertaining.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter

One reply on “Becoming Social Media expert”

El término “social” está en todos lados hoy en día… Cada vez son mas los usuarios que forman parte de por lo menos una red social en la web, negocios que utilizan la fama desmesurada de marcas como facebook y twitter para entrar en contacto con sus clientes y consumidores y medios de comunicación que intentan conectarse con sus espectadores.

Conseguí en Amazon un libro llamado “Desigining for the social web” de un consultor llamado Joshua Porter. Te lo recomiendo, a mi me gustó mucho porque toca el tema desde un punto de vista de diseñador e incluso de psicología, y no tanto desde el punto de vista del desarrollador. Es decir, trata de explicar la forma en que hay que ser muy observadores y con el ingenio suficiente para crear experiencias e interfaces de usuario atractivas como medio para “enganchar” al usuario y que pase de ser un “usuario ligeramente interesado en tu software” a un “usuario apasionado”, dentro de un ciclo de vida de uso de software web que menciona. El libro se me hace ameno y con muchos ejemplos actuales de sitios web donde el aspecto social es fundamental como facebook, craiglist, netflix, twitter, etc.

Saludos colega.

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