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Perduta [Lost]

The last two months have been full of unexpected changes in my life. I no longer have a steady job, nor a personal relationship (I’m back to single status). Its been hard as the two changes came quite close to each other, so these last two months have been emotionally conflicting. But, as my grandfather used to say (translated from spanish): “to bad weather, good attitude”…it’s an awful translation, but what it tries to say is that whenever you are in bad situation, the only thing you should do is to have a positive attitude and move forward.

So that’s what I’ve been doing and turns out I’ve been enjoying life quite a lot, since I’m no longer stressed out with frustrations or pressures. Of course, there’s been some days of feeling scared of changes, and still are, but little by little things are coming up well, sometimes even better than I expected. Dealing with change, even though I decided to push things to change, has not been an easy task to handle.

I finally had time to finish and push live my first Django based project, a rewrite of the silly website (translation: what pisses me off): A 140 character website in the style of Fuck my life where you annoymously publish what pisses you off. Its a fun pet project that serves me as a learning tool for Django development and deployment.

I’ve also been working more on Emacs Identica-mode merging latest development changes into the main branch. Development has been more active than before and we have now more contributors sending patches and ideas. A new release will be published soon with lots of fixes and features, catching up with some of the 1.0 release changes as well (like highlighting “nameless” replies) . If you don’t want to wait for the “official” release, the master branch is what you’ll want to use.

Since I have more “free” time, I’ll try to update this blog more often. I guess my mind was not ready to open up and set my thoughts in text, but as I’m writing this (I actually forced myself to write today) it feels like a good exercise to organize my thought and put it in writing. So I’ll be experimenting with some blogging ideas I’ve been reading on Sacha Chua’s blog about Discovering Yourself Through Blogging making this space a reference for thoughts and events in my life additionally to the usual tech posting I enjoy doing.

Its funny to realize what you end up doing when you’re taken out of your life routine and start exploring different edges in life. These past two months I’ve ended up at a NASCAR race, an Off-road mud race, a bikini fashion show (as an expectator, not on the runway), and doing an audition for a beer’s nation wide TV commercial.

Let’s see what new events life brings in the next days. I’ve been meeting with a lot of old friends with whom I had lost contact and interesting plans are brewing up ahead. Meanwhile I’ll be working on some new web projects I’ve had stalled for years, hopefully one might become a profitable startup; also drinking more tea, meeting new people and hopefully ending up in more randomly, unexpected and weird but fun situations.

I’ll leave you with some videos I took from those events:

Photo Perduta [Lost] is Creative Commons by ecatoncheires on Flickr

By Gabriel Saldaña

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