My goldfish companion


Today I want to tell you about a goldfish that stayed with me for the last 3 years and recently passed away. This is meaningful to me because that fish was my companion in important stages of my life. Crazy as it might sound, here’s my goldfish story.

I’ve always had a fish tank in my house. Without one, it doesn’t feel like my home. This goldfish came to a then empty tank, along with other smaller fish after I moved to a new house in a new city. I never get too attached to fish, no one does. But this guy won me over quickly.

The fish tank was near my dining table and the goldfish kept me company during all my meals. It was always facing towards the dining table when we were sitting down. The calmness of its swim and the beauty of its long dress-like tail always provided some kind of peace of mind when you watched.

It lived a happy life for 3 years through 2 cities, until I decided to upgrade its tank to one much larger. That’s when the complication began.

I got more fish to add to the larger tank and set up everything. But something went wrong at the new tank. The water quality decreased when I added the new fish, which had bad water from the shop‘s tanks. The first days it seemed okay, but after two days he started to show signs of weakness. I spent two days taking care of it, separated to a quarantine tank with good water quality and all. Researched on possible illnesses, gave it salt baths, etc. Nothing worked.

On its final night, I was looking at it and, for the first time, I gently touched it with my hand. I slowly put my hand below so it could rest in my palm, it looked up to me and gave the last breath. It was heart breaking.

I don’t know if it was a male or female. It didn’t have a name. It was just, there…always there. Now I miss its company.

Fish pets can become more than just a fancy decoration at home. You can get attached to a fish as if it was a dog or a cat, or any other type of pet. They say that goldfish have personalities and this one became a familiar face at home.

That fish witnessed important stages of my life. It saw my bachelor life in Guadalajara. We drove together from Guadalajara to Mexico city. It was the only one who saw me getting out of my house, dressed up as a groom to get married. It was also the first one to greet us home when my girlfriend and I arrived as a married couple for the first time. It witnessed when people broke into my house and stole our things. It saw many moments of me, my home and my newly formed family.

That’s why that goldfish meant a lot to me. A silent companion in my life. It will be forever missed in this family.


By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter