My new year resolutions for 2011


This 2010 has been a good year, but a bit slow. Looking back at my last year’s resolutions, I’m happy to see that most of those goals were reached this year. A few of the main events that happened this year are:

  • I got to travel some more to the bay area
  • went to DrupalCon San Francisco
  • Got a better taste from asian food
  • Started my piano lessons
  • Made emacs identica-mode asynchronous and added lots of more features and fixes from the community
  • Deployed changes in and even a blog. Still more changes yet to be released as well as the source code.
  • I started to podcast for a while, but I’ve stopped for the moment. No plans yet as to what I’ll do in this area.
  • I’ve been grooming my dog for several months now and she has improved her obedience skills a lot.
  • I got an android phone (a Samsung Galaxy S). So I finally joined the mobile computing world and I’m seeing a lot of new project possibilities in this front. I feel like when I first had a PC at home.
  • I also got my last year’s bonus point…kind of. I didn’t rappel or kayak, but I got to do waterfall jumping which is good enough.

Just one of those goals was not reached, and I’ll start this year focusing on that one first.

This year’s resolutions will be:

  • Excersice and loose weight. Since I moved to Monterrey city and started my full-time employed working life, I’ve been very sedentary and I’ve gained about 10kgs! I don’t feel comfortable with myself and sometimes I isolate myself from old acquaintances so that they don’t see me all fat like this. I see now that the problem is affecting me in several aspects of my life and self-esteem. I’ve thought and meditated about my problem and how to start fixing it without that bad feeling of being limited by a diet and stuff. I love food, but if I’ve decided I love food, then I must love excercise, or else, this situation will not get any better. I already got “the gear” to get started, so I have no more excuses. Since I guess I’m not the only one starting the year with the purpose of loosing weight, I’m guessing the park is going to be packed with people running around. So I’ll start exercising at home. I already have a set of exercises that the girlfriend has set for me so I’ll start with that. I’ll also keep a log of my activities so I can measure my progress.
  • Get back into getting more involved in the Free Software community I’m still a GNU webmaster, but haven’t been a very active one. I’d also want to expand into getting more involved at other international FLOSS communities, like the Emacs users one by improving even more identica-mode. Got some great features in mind to add already.
  • Give more talks I’d like to get more active participating at the mexican FLOSS community conferences. Last year I gave no talks and lost touch with lots of friends across the country. I miss the friends, the networking, the talks, the community activity and idea exchanging.
  • Go to LibrePlanet and Google I/O This year’s two main events I don’t want to miss are LibrePlanet and Google I/O. Last year I missed both, and I felt that I missed on a lot of cool things at those events.
  • Release project changes I’ve been working on changes several of my projects that I haven’t published. They’ve been ready for a while but I haven’t set some time to sit down and publish them all.
  • Develop an android app Now that I finally joined the mobile computing era, I’d like to develop an android app. I still don’t have any concrete ideas on what it will be, but I’d like to get one done and released in the course of this year.
  • Launch a startup This is probably the most important item in my list. I have several project ideas that I want to launch this year with hopes for at least one of them to become a startup company.

Its been a tough year with lots of stress, but I’m hoping this year will be less stress and more exiting moments. I’ll focus for that to happen.

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By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter