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A quick look at my tag cloud. I guess it really shows my trends. Related posts: No related...

The last lecture

I just bumped with this lecture about dreams and life. It’s by Randy Pausch, a virtual reality expert and now dying from cancer. He teaches us his last lecture, which is about how to conduct your life to accomplish your dreams. It has a very emotional and...

Steve Wozniak Hacks iPhone on TV

Several times Woz has expressed his thinking about having the iPhone as an open platform. But what a better example of it than hacking an iPhone on TV! I loved his quote: “you know some people may criticize you for not having hacked your iPhone”.... Ubuntu haircut

Ubuntu haircut

Ubuntu haircut Originally uploaded by panthrkub Okay a mi me gusta Ubuntu y todo, pero esto es llegar al extremo. Related posts: Google Analytics considera a Mexico como parte de America... The Graphotype

The Graphotype

The Graphotype Originally uploaded by gabrielsaldana Me encontre este aparatejo extraño y bastante antiguo en San Miguel de Allende. Parece ser algun tipo de maquina de escribir o prensa o algo asi…el hecho de que no sepa que es me hace sentir menos viejo, pero...