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Paying for a text editor

Lifehacker published an article about how a plain text code editor called Textastic rivals the famous Textmate in features with a lower price. [...]

Emacs Identica-mode 1.3.1: Quick bug fix release

I just want to give a heads up to all who downloaded Identica-mode 1.3 that some bug fixes were done yesterday very quickly [...]
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Identica-mode 1.3 release

After the buggy 1.2.1 release and a long bug fixing development time, the new Identica-mode 1.3 is released. Lately I’ve been relying more [...]

Quick note taking with Emacs and Org Capture

Taking notes has to be a taks that is fast, easy and must not get in the way of the things you’re doing. [...]

MobileOrg for Android setup and workflow

Here’s a quick post on how I setup MobileOrg for Android First of all, get the MobileOrg app from the Google Play Store. [...]

Easy CSS editing with Emacs

Editing CSS in Emacs is very easy since the standard CSS mode comes included by default. But developer Julien Danjou created this nice [...]

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