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Emacs php syntax checking on the fly

PHP syntax error check as you type with Emacs

For those who have to code in PHP, there’s a nice feature in Emacs that makes your coding horror times less stressing and [...]

Back to blogging from Emacs

Its been a while since the last time I tried blogging with the weblogger mode. I don’t think anything changed so far, but [...]

ACM Crossroads issue 14.4 online fast, thanks to Emacs

Just finished publishing ACM Crossroads issue 14.4 online. This speed of publishing is thanks to Emacs. I use tramp mode to edit and [...]

Testing weblogger.el again

Lets see how enhanced this enhanced weblogger.el is. Last time it was awful and messed up stuff in my post. Note that this [...]

Emacs 22 por fin!!

Por fin salio de betas la version 22 de emacs el, casi sistema operativo, editor de textos por excelencia. Viene con ido mode, [...]

Como publicar en tu blog desde Emacs

Weblogger es el modo de Emacs para hacer posts en tu blog. Los blogs soportados son: Blogger, MetaWeblog, Moveable Type (WordPress) y LiveJournal. [...]

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