A walk through the UNAM Museum of Contemporary Art

A photographer at the MUAC

On one of my now frequent trips to Mexico city, we went to the MUAC, the state’s university museum of contemporary art, and saw the exhibitions there. I know I’m not a fan of contemporary dance, and after my museum walk through, I discovered I’m also not a fan of contemporary art.

Photographing "modern art"

I just don’t understand the artistic aspect of it. In the picture above you can see me taking a photo of what is considered a piece of art, which is only a big metal ring hanging from the ceiling. It just makes no artistic contribution or impacts me in any way at all. Maybe I’m not with the right mindset, or under the influence of the right substances (or any substance at all to make that clear).

Old projector Neon squares Many mouths art statue Ball point pen graffitti

So I decided to take some snapshots of other things and try to turn that into art. If you ask me, anything that has a beautiful woman on it turns instantly into art. And my example below:

Contemplating art

See what I mean?

Do not smoke ashtray Gray rectangle in the wall Hair A smile and a chair A smirk and a chair That look Lovely eyes A great smile

If I didn’t bore you to death with the photos of the contemporary art exhibits, you can see more of my shots at my Flickr set MUAC and maybe some day I’ll post a video of contemporary dance to see if you understand it or get bored like me.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter