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Emacs weblogger mode with WordPress tags support

wordpress tags with weblogger.el mode
I’ve been looking for ways to blog from Emacs and so far my best solution has been to use weblogger.el. This mode supports many blogging platforms through the xmlrpc apis for blogger, metaweblog, livejournal and movable type. For more details about this mode, visit the emacswiki page.

Since this blog is based on WordPress and it supports the metaweblog api, this has worked very well. My only complaint was that since WordPress version 2.6, tag support was added and blogging from Emacs left my posts without tags. So I decided to add the tags support using the mt_keywords method on the metaweblog api, which on WordPress maps to the post tags. All you have to do is add the Summary label on the post header and write down the tags separated by commas.

You can download the patched weblogger.el here. Its based on the latest patched version on the emacswiki page by Tom Robinson which added handling of the <!–more–> tag and added Keywords in the header by default.

Now the only thing I’m missing is uploading images and files with the post.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter

21 replies on “Emacs weblogger mode with WordPress tags support”

okay, i am gonna try this.. this looks cool!

i totally wish we could upload with this..

does this do autocompletion on the tags?


It doesn’t support autocomplete on the tags. Its not supported on the metaweblog api. The wordpress api does support it though.

Anyone up for the task of adding wordpress api support?

Emacs + weblogger: tagもいける!…

なんと! ここにあったパッチ済みのweblogger.elを使うと、WordPressでもカテゴリのみならずタグまで指定して投稿できることを発見。これは便利かもー。
相変わらず画像関係は(Emacs + weblog…

Thank you for this site, such as multi information.I! Thank you!,

Thank you! I liked the article! I love how you write beautifully.,

Do you have a record of exactly what changes you made? Also, did you make any changes to xml-rpc.el, or did you just include that in your archive file for convenience? I’m trying to figure out whether I can upgrade to the new version of weblogger.el and xml-rpc.el, but still keep the tag support for WordPress.

It would be ideal if your changes were merged into weblogger.el. Have you looked into that?

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