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Montecristo hope operation package

While walking in the financial district of San Francisco, I stopped by Grant’s Tobacco shop. It’s a traditional tobacco shop that’s been around since 1849. I usually don’t stop by any tobacco shops in the US because cuban cigars are illegal, and most of the cigars I smoke are cubans. But I got curious about some humidors and decided to step inside and take a look.

Turns out they were having a small event, thanks to Montecristo (my favorite cigar brand) and they were selling the Operation Hope package, a box with 5 cigars, two of them limited edition, a lighter and a cap for $50 USD and the profits would contribute to the Montecristo Relief Organization, helping victims of hurricanes and other natural and economic disasters in the Caribbean.

They also offered free drinks and snacks, and since it was a great deal and also a good cause, I bought the package. As if not all of that was pretty good already, there was also a raffle for a beautiful Montecristo cigar ash tray and a cutter.

That night I hanged at the shop for a while to smoke one of the cigars (the one missing in the picture) at the smoking corner they have, have some snacks, and met a few cool people. Later on I was hanging around at some clubs with some of them. It’s fun and interesting to meet new people when travelling, and Grant’s shop made it very easy for a shy foreigner like me to socialize and have a good time among strangers.

Later, while I was travelling back to Mexico, I checked my emails and to my surprise, I won the raffle! The guys at Grant’s Tobacco were so cool that they are even sending me my prize all the way to Monterrey, Mexico! I’ll post pictures of the prize as soon as I get it.

I really had a great time at the shop smoking a cigar and talking to people. Everyone is very friendly and the staff give you good tips and advice on cigar care and smoking. If you’re in San Francisco and enjoy tobacco, don’t forget to stop by Grant’s.

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Out of mere curiosity. Actually I went in and asked for a digital hygrometer because the one I currently have is a cheap crappy one that is not even adjustable, it’s readings are off by 5%

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