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I will be talking at FSLVallarta 2012

FSLVallarta 2012

Today I got the good news that I’ll be giving three talks at FSLVallarta 2012 in november. I love that event and the fact that it’s in Puerto Vallarta can’t make it any better 🙂

Unfortunately my attempt to give a talk about Emacs got rejected (again) so instead I’ll be talking about Free Network Services, PHP development & code quality tools and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Slides and pictures will be uploaded here after the event, and follow me on or Twitter for updates.

About FSL Vallarta event:

“El Festival de Software Libre Vallarta 2012, is an open space where students, teachers, investigators, computing experts, companies and professionals of open source and free software and the general public will get together to learn, participate, exchange ideas, points of view and solutions”

The above roughly translated from the original in spanish:

“El Festival de Software Libre Vallarta 2012es un espacio abierto donde se darán cita estudiantes, docentes, investigadores, profesionales, expertos en computo, empresas y profesionales del software libre y público en general para aprender, participar e intercambiar ideas, puntos de vista y soluciones.”

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter