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Identica-mode 1.3 release

favorite message marked in timeline
Favorite messages are now marked in timeline

After the buggy 1.2.1 release and a long bug fixing development time, the new Identica-mode 1.3 is released. Lately I’ve been relying more on releasing through package.el and the MELPA repository whenever I push changes to the main branch on the Git repository. But then I received some emails requesting for an official stable release for package maintainers and for people who don’t feel comfortable using development releases.

### What changed

Among many of the changes and bug fixes, here are the most relevant:

– Fix eLisp functions incompatibilities between some builds of Emacs 23.1 and later versions (a big bug in 1.2.1 release)
– Auto-detect from server instance the character limit
– Added favorite icon on format line to identify favorite messages
– Format line can now display user profile URLs using “%U” token
– Added reply to all feature, by pressing ‘A’ on a message will reply to sender and all mentioned usernames
– Fixed URL shortening bug returning the DTD instead of the real link
– Added highlighting of replies without username mention (the new reply format on 1.x)
– Conversations (context) can now be retrieved by pressing C-c C-c on any message.
– Remote user timeline retrieval with C-c C-o
– On identica-friends list, pressing ENTER in a group or user makes Identica to load its timeline.
– Deletes HTTP retrieved temporary buffers to avoid high memory usage over time
– Optimized fontification code that renders the timeline in the buffer
– Many fixes and optimizations

You can review the history of the project’s development at Identica-mode’s code repository web interface.

### Get it

Click to download Identica-mode 1.3 release

Or if you prefer to get the latest releases using MELPA repository for package.el which is now part of Emacs 24.

Or get the latest development code directly from the Git repository without using package.el at

### Contribute

Your feedback, bug reports and code contributions are really appreciated to keep improving this project. Contact me on or send a message to the Identica-mode group. You can also donate a tip via Paypal.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter