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Launching Notasbit, a website for tech news in Spanish

For the past year I’ve been on a radio show on Tuesdays talking about the tech news of the week. I started by hunting down the most important stories, writing my script in Spanish and then broadcasting it.

One day I thought it would be a good idea to put my scripts as posts in a tech news blog. I started the blog and it was a place for people listening to the news and wanted to know more or check out the photos or videos about them with links to the original sources.

But later with work loads I could barely have time to hunt for the news, so the blog languished. I couldn’t do all that extra work besides my main day job.

So as an engineer, I decided to automate things. is no longer a news blog. It is now an automated tech news website. Notasbit is the point of reference for the most interesting tech news in Spanish. The site links to the latest posts from many Spanish language tech and science news websites and sorts the most important ones at the top of the list. It differentiates itself from a simple RSS feed reader with this algorithm, so you don’t have to dig into your several feeds to find the best articles. You can also see a list of all news gathered sorted by the time they were published.

I’ll be adding more enhancements and features that will help improve the selection of the best news. Many experts say that the projects consumed by their makers are the best ones, since you have to “eat your own dog food”. I’ll see if that happens in my case.

I really hope people enjoy For me, it will ease my task of hunting down news for the radio show and will also serve as the point of reference for people who listen to me and want to know more.

Let me know if you like the site or if you have any suggestions in the comments below.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter