Monterrey Monster Trucks

Car smash jump

On Saturday I went with my roommate to the Monster Trucks event at Monterrey, Mexico. We had a great time and it was the first event of this kind for both of us, so we didn’t know what to expect.

Nasty Boy Monster Truck

I recently bought a new lens for my Canon T1i DSLR camera. Since I’ve been frequently taking pictures of ballet dancers on stage, the “standard” 18-55mm EF-S lens didn’t allow me to take close up pictures and I had to sit at the front row on every show or else I would have very wide shots with small subjects in my pictures. So I finally decided to buy a 55-250mm IS lens. Even though its not a great telephoto lens, it was decent enough in features and specially in price. Telephoto lenses are very expensive!

Bounty Hunter driver saying hello

Since I haven’t had any ballets to photograph yet, the monster truck event was the perfect occasion to give my new lens a try. I have to say it was great to finally have a lot of zoom. I got crappy tickets and I was pretty far high from the main arena, but that made my lens test more interesting, and here are the pictures I took that day.

Car smash

Vertical challenge

Fire presentation

Vertical jump

This pink monster truck was operated by a woman driver. She was the best driver of all! She interacted a lot with the public, and even though most of the audience didn’t speak any English, she made them all cheer for her and love her.

Heart breaker monster truck girl driver

Also, she did the best, most impressive and longest jump in the whole show. The truck didn’t survive the jump, after landing the rear axle broke, but it was very impressive to see how far she jumped. At the end she won the first price given by the audience applause.

Mega jump!

I also took some videos, but I had trouble with the auto focus button unfocusing completely and back into focus while shooting as you will notice on some videos. So I ended up switching to manual focus for all videos and tweak the focus slowly myself so I won’t loose the image completely every time my subject moved farther or closer.

You can see more pictures at my Flickr page and more videos at my Youtube channel.

By Gabriel Saldaña

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Glad you had a good time at your first Monster Showdown event! I will be back down in October for the fall event hope you can make it out 🙂 (I am the one that drives Heart Breaker)

Wow I’m impressed that you found my blog and left me a comment 🙂 I loved your handling of the truck, you made the best moves. Unfortunately the axis broke, but it was worth it! It must feel awesome to drive and jump with those trucks.

Of course I’ll go to the October event! This time I’ll try to get my tickets on time, because I bought them from resellers outside at a very high price haha. Hope I can go say hi after the show.

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