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Goodbye ACM Crossroads, Hello GNU

I’ve been the web editor for the ACM Crossroads student magazine for the past 4 years. Since I’m no longer a student, the time has come to step out of that position and let someone else take the job. So since issue 16.2 the ACM Crossroads website is in charge of Malay Bhattacharyya of the […]

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ACM Crossroads issue 14.4 online fast, thanks to Emacs

Just finished publishing ACM Crossroads issue 14.4 online. This speed of publishing is thanks to Emacs. I use tramp mode to edit and fix files remotely on the ACM servers via ssh. Tidy with html-mode to validate and fix all markup so that the files are XHTML 1.1 Strict. Dired mode to rename, move, copy […]


ACM Crossroads Online and Twexter updates

Finally I’ve got myself around my online editor tasks and published issues 14.2 and 14.3 online of the ACM Crossroads magazine. Also there’s a new digital version of issue 14.3. Also published the latest twexter code at Its now a very usable prototype. Soon automatic translations will be available. THEN it will get very […]


ACM Crossroads 14.1 now online

I have just finished publishing online the newest issue of the ACM Crossroads Student Magazine. This new issue is a milestone for the magazine, because we just switched from themed issues to non theme or at least no centric theme per issue. Now we are accepting all types of papers to push more content on […]