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Depending on web services

What would happen if your access to most of your online services were to be disabled? What would you loose? I’ve been in situations where we have to decide either to run certain applications on our server, like E-mail, scheduling, project management, etc. Or use the ubiquitous, given-for-granted web services from huge companies with huge […]

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How to install latest Git on Ubuntu

Git is a distributed version control system. I won’t go into much details of what Git is or why use Git instead of other VC systems. There’s plenty other sites where to check that information. I love Git, but there’s a slight problem with Ubuntu’s repositories (feisty, gutsy): its an old version. Git’s version on […]

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Free format victory case

I’ve been fighting a battle (one of many) about the use of free format files on private/public organizations. And I think I finally won this one. The Casino Tampiqueño is a social club in my hometown Tampico. So they organize balls and carnivals and multiple events. Recently, they “discovered” email. So they started sending “spam” […]