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Software Patents and Innovation stimulation

In Mexico, we don’t have software patents and recently, New Zealand has also banned software patents in an effort to get rid of patent trolls. A few days ago while talking with a book author and lawyer, I mentioned my interest in copyright and patent law, as they affect my field of work constantly, even […]

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A message from Richard Stallman on Software Freedom Day

Richard Stallman, the initiator of the Free Software movement, published a very easy to understand video message on what software freedom is about. Your browser does not support the video tag. Use the download link below. If you can’t see the video, you can download Richard Stallman’s video message here. If you wonder why there’s […]

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More ugly stories about depending on cloud computing

Depending on “the cloud” to provide all software has increasingly shown some of its issues. What’s strange is that not many people are concerned about it. Google marking all sites as unsafe Google marked all search results as unsafe websites, and when you clicked on the link, it warned you again and you had to […]