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5 ways to promote and Open Microblogging over Twitter

On the Free Software Foundation Latinamerica mailing list, there’s been a discussion about supporting and open microblogging and encourage quitting using twitter by setting the example. The topic about closed network services and its risks is a very important issue that I will cover on a later post with detail or you can read […]

Emacs GNU/Linux Free Software & Open Source mode for Emacs is a free software microblogging service, similar to Twitter, based on the code base. I recently needed to update my status from Emacs, since its faster for me and easier. I’ve been using an an Emacs mode to update my Twitter account, but there was nothing to use for my account. And […]


Apple’s WWDC Keynote effect

It is incredible the effect that Steve Job’s announcements have on the internets tubez. The keynote is starting and there’s a lot of speculation about Twitter coming down to its knees. Well… so far I can still access twitter. There’s a lot of links where to get live updates: Leo Laporte’s twit live Engadget Techcrunch […]


I’m on twitter

I tried to resist the twitter thing, but I just kept hearing about it and my curiosity won. I’m now on twitter: I don’t know much about how it works or why it’s cool, so any tips are appreciated. Related posts: No related posts.