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Its been a while since I made changes to the blog, and its been also a while since I’ve been wanting to do such changes.

I was tired of the old theme and it didn’t had the sidebar on single posts to easily jump to another post from there. I think that good navigation is key to any website, commercial or personal.

Although some might disagree, I find dark backgrounds with light text easier on my eyes to read. Besides, there’s rumors that its also energy efficient. It was hard to find a nice dark background theme for WordPress, but after reviewing several, I found Insomniac by Benedikt Rieke-Benninghaus very pleasing after some tweaks here and there.

A must have for a WordPress theme for me is:

Another substatial change is that I’ll be normally posting in English, instead of my mother tounge Spanish. I just want to share my blog to more of my friends, and they happen to speak English. I think it will be more universal to do so. Also, for some weird reason, my mind works in English most of the time (you know…when you speak to your inner self in your mind), so expressing my mind will be faster and easier in English (yes I’m weird). Of course, when necessary, spanish written posts will appear. Maybe it’ll all depend on my mood and my need to express myself in one way or another.

And the latest change is the blog name change. Since the postings will be in English, the title didn’t help much. Besides, its been mentioned to me that my blog title “Pensando en voz alta” is kind of a ripoff of DHH’s blog, the Ruby on Rails creator. And since I’m out of ideas right now, I’ll simply use my domain name as the blog title. I’d also like to change my domain name, but I’ve had it for so long, and as I already said, I’m out of ideas, so I can’t get rid of it.

So I want to start this year with this changes. New year, new blog theme, new blog title, new blog langague in posts.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter

One reply on “Blog changes”

Esta bueno el tema que le aplicaste al blog, yo hace ya un tiempo que le hice algunos cambios a mi blog tambien, la direccion ahora es diferente, cambie el tema, y estoy pensando tambien cambiarle el titulo a otro que, pues no se, vaya mas con el contenido del blog pero aun voy a pensarlo.

Saludos y feliz año.

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