Resolutions for 2013

You'll take a decision about something in the near future

This 2012 has been a year of big changes in my life. There’s been ups and downs like never before and a complete emotional roller coaster. I switched jobs, moved to a new city on the other side of the country, made new friends, reunited with old ones, lost my photography gear, got new one, and well, many weird and exciting things happened.

I can’t say I’ve been in complete control of my whole life, I’ve let life take some choices for me, but that hasn’t been bad either. I guess that when you don’t know where to go, letting go will take you to places you never imagined. Sometimes not having a plan can be the best plan.

From last year’s resolutions, I can safely say that I’ve accomplished my list fairly.

1. I’ve started to take track of my health checks and weight. I’m also planning on writing a simple application to keep my records and visualize the data easily.
2. On the startup ideas line, I’ve done some experiments and I’ll soon publish some of them. There’s still more to improve on that but efforts have been done in this area.
3. My third item was keep traveling going. Well, I moved to a different city all the way across the country. Mexico is a big country with different and rich cultures in different areas, so moving to the south west coast has been a whole different experience. I’ve been loving the weather and enjoying the lifestyle.
4. The last item was to write more. I didn’t achieve writing more than last year but at least I published the same amount of posts. Ahh if only I had stopped procrastinating and published this post before the year ended, I could have proudly say that I wrote more than last year.

So for this 2013 resolutions list, I’ll do the following:

### Health

Nice meal

I reviewed all my previous resolutions posts since 2008 and saw a clear pattern of them: loosing weight has clearly been an issue. This year I’ve finally managed to do exercise more regularly by joining a gym. The results haven’t been great but at least I have more resistance and my health has been stable.

I still need to loose a lot of gained weight over those 4 years. I can’t plan to loose it all in one. What I want to do is at least loose 5kg and not gain them back the whole year.

### Photography


2012 has been a very active year for me in my photography hobby. I got new gear and I’ve been using it quite a lot. I hope this year I can enter a photography course to get better at it and get some formal training or at least assist a professional shoot to learn in the field (or studio).

### Cooking

Just add bacon

I’ve been cooking for myself even before leaving my parent’s house. I’m not great at it like my friend Luis Perez, but I’m fairly good. I’d like to learn new recipes and cook more elaborated dishes. My cooking specialties right now are steak and hamburgers. I’d like to expand that. And I’m writing this as I smell something nice cooking at Luis’ kitchen.

### Projects


This year I’ll launch one project. I’ve already launched one with low but nice results. I have some other projects I want to get out there, but I want to focus this year on only one. Let’s see how that goes.

Oh! I forgot to mention, the fortune cookie message in Spanish says: “You’ll take a decision about something in the near future”. Yes, I know it’s stupidly obvious, but what can you expect from a cookie? Although, sometimes what is most obvious is the least obvious (or expected).

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter