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Post iPhone announcements

After today’s iPhone announcements and all the excitement that has been generated, I started thinking about the competition. The nokia n95 and all the other smart phones have little advantage over the attractiveness of an iPhone.

The features and the looks are nice. But the price? I can’t think of how a Nokia N95 at more than $500 dlls is going to compete with an iPhone 3G at $199 dlls standard pice world wide.

And it reminded me of a nice Dilbert cartoon:



Apple’s WWDC Keynote effect

It is incredible the effect that Steve Job’s announcements have on the internets
tubez. The keynote is starting and there’s a lot of speculation about Twitter
coming down to its knees. Well… so far I can still access twitter.

There’s a lot of links where to get live updates:

But I prefer the IRC channel on, channel #macrumors where
I’m getting the latest and fastest updates on the keynote.

No, I’m not an Apple fanboy. I don’t have any Macs or ever had one. But I love
to be updated with the latest in technology. And like it or not, every Apple
announcement kinda changes the world.

Hope to see something like that happening with free software related news someday.