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The Social Network Movie

I just saw The Social Network movie. From a geeky perspective, its a very interesting movie. But I don’t know if it will be entertaining enough for the general public. Also I say this with the perspective of having read the book, and as most movies based on books, they missed lots of details and […]


Sillicon Valley trip

Last week I’ve been visiting my work office at Sillicon Valley. I didn’t take my personal computer, instead I took my work computer, since I was there for work and I didn’t want to be carrying around like 10kg in my backpack. Its been an exciting experience. I got to see the outside of companies […]

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Facebook terms for your uploaded content

Maybe this is old news, but I was checking Facebook’s terms of service to see if something had changed since the last time I saw them. But everytime I read this, I keep getting surprised and annoyed. The following is the exact quote from the terms of use that makes me think twice about uploading […]

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Animate your webpage fast and easy with Facebook Animation Library

Today Facebook released an animation javascript library that modifies CSS properties on the fly. You can download it and use it on your webpages. Its a very light (10.4 Kb compressed version) animation library and its very easy to use. You can chain events or animations to create the effects you want. You can download […]