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Great time attending Google IO 2011

This year I got to finally attend the Google I/O event. I was lucky to easily get my entrance ticket the day they opened for registration. That day the tickets sold out in 59 minutes! (or so they say)

Google IO badges

Gabriel Saldaña at Google IO 2011

The place was packed! There were about 5,000 attendees!

Google IO packed with people

I even got to see Leo Laporte and Gina Trapani recording some material for their This week in Google show.

Leo Laporte and Gina Trapani at Google IO 2011

The talks were very interesting with lots of surprises and new release announcements. I attended several android development talks, as I’m starting to get into Android development (can’t wait to finish my first app). The new development tools improvements and the changes for big screen (tablet) layouts looked very nice. And also went to different Google APIs talks like the Google Charts API talk.

The big topics were Android and Chrome, with complementary HTML5 and WebGL talks. There was very little about GoogleTV though. I couldn’t go to all talks, that’s an impossible task. But fortunately for everyone who attended or not, all sessions are available for viewing online.

Some people got surprise presents at the end of a talk, like free Sony Xperia Play phones or the Arduino Android Development Kit. I was not lucky to get any of these, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a very nice present enough.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Limited Edition

The after party was also great! Well, how could it not be? They had loud music and all the beer, wine and crab cakes for free.

Robots were everywhere as well as exhibits of cool experiments as the yike bike, the Google self driving car and a car/plane.

car plane experiment

Google Self-driving car

I also saw this cool electric car but I don’t remember the company behind them.

Oh and did I mention free concert of Jane’s Addiction?

Jane's Addiction concert

Gabriel Saldaña at Google IO after party

I had a great time!

Events GNU/Linux Free Software & Open Source

Going to Google I/O 2011

Google I/O Developer Conference

I’m going to be at Google I/O 2011 in San Francisco. I’m exited!

Its the first time I’ll attend a Google event. On previous events Google has given away gadgets that are yet to be released to in the market. So I hope they don’t break tradition this year so I can get my hands on a Nexus S 4G or something cool like that. Also I’ve heard that Jane’s Addiction will be playing there.

About the Nexus S, I’m a bit dissapointed that the normal Nexus S 3G band won’t work with my Mexican carrier Telcel. But I’ve heard rumors that the Nexus S 4G will work for networks similar to AT&T’s since its targeted to a Canadian carrier that uses the 850Mhz band. Hope it does.

I hope to see announcements on Android Honeycomb, hopefully they release the source code anytime soon. I’m also excited about the android talks and what’s planned for the GoogleTV project that hasn’t gotten much attention lately since its launch. Another interesting project I’m looking forward to is the CR48 laptop machines and the Chrome OS.

There’s an android app for the event that you can download here. You can see the schedule, the sessions and also the live streaming if you’re not at the event.

If you’re going to be at the event too please come say hi, and maybe we can gather and go for some beers or something.

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