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Emacs identica-mode version 0.7

I’ve finally arranged some time to publish a new version of Identica-mode for Emacs to easily track and post updates to any Laconica installation such as

What’s new

  • Added menu with most useful features
  • Added re-dent (retweet) feature by pressing C-c C-m with pointer on status to re-dent
  • User timeline method now prompts for username, gets own (self) timeline by default
  • Improved console support, only showing icon-mode when using a window system
  • Added code from twitter.el suggested by Pablo Rauzy to save username and password on customizations file
  • Inhibit success and post messages by default

Get it

Download identica-mode hosted at savannah or get the latest development version via the git repository:
git clone

And if you have any suggestions, bugs or patches, please send them to the project’s bug tracking system

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LibrePlanet 2009 at Boston

I had the opportunity to attend to LibrePlanet 2009, the annual Free Software Foundation members meeting that was held in Boston.

It was a great experience and I was very happy to meet lots of FSF members, something I don’t get to see very often here in Mexico. I met with Evan Prodromou, the creator of and he told me that soon will have OAuth authentication, so that OpenID users can access the API. That means that OpenID users can now use Emacs identica-mode to post and access their dents. There was a lot of talking about Free Network Services and hope that soon we’ll be seeing more of this kind of projects getting done.

Met with Matt Lee, Mako Hill, Rob Myers and many others. I also had the great opportunity to meet and chat with Richard Stallman. Not every day you get to chat with a person who has influenced your life.

my photo with Richard Stallman

Met with Alex Oliva from the FSF Latinamerica, and we talked about its current status. I’ll get involved to see if we can reactivate the organization and push it forward.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the unconference day, had to catch my plane back home, but I’ll plan to go next year and stay for the whole event. Definately worth it.

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Emacs identica-mode with replies highlighting

Identica mode for Emacs with replies highlighting

Identica-mode for Emacs has been updated with just one little but nice to have feature: replies highlighting.

I usually watch my identica buffer and sometimes I don’t get to see the replies I get from people, so I thought it would be nice to highlight those to grab my attention.

Also I’d like to mention that the git repository is finally hosted on savannah:

And the new download option will be on savannah too:

The savannah project page is:

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Fixed error on xml parse in identica-mode

Identica-mode v0.4
Thanks to a contribution from Christian Cheng to denting-mode, another fork of twittering-mode for laconica installations by Carlos A. Perilla, the long standing bug of xml parsing has been fixed. Also, fixed support for tags and groups not recognizing correctly when a dash was in the name.

Get the latest, and now stable, release of identica-mode here. (v0.4)

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Identica-mode v0.3 released

Identica-mode v.0.3 now has support for tags and groups.

I’ve also added some fixes to the mode map sent by Alex Schröder.

As always, you can download identica-mode here.