Is your ISP messing with your Internet traffic?

Is your ISP messing with your Internet traffic?

There’s been some reports on ISPs slowing down your Internet connection if you use BitTorrent or cutting your VoIP calls and many other nasty things. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published a free software tool to check your connection for...

DRM chat at Unitec: video and slides

A few weeks ago I posted about me giving a talk at Unitec Monterrey about DRM and mexican copyright law titled: “DRM: ¿derechos o restricciones?”. Basically is an introduction to what DRM and copyright is, according to mexican law. I have finally... DRM chat at Unitec Monterrey

DRM chat at Unitec Monterrey

Last week I was invited to talk at the Unitec University in Monterrey about DRM and copyright, of course, applied to mexican law. Which is interesting since the mexican law allows for people to have a copy of a work for personal use only. This means P2P and basically... OOXML: The losses

OOXML: The losses

Contrary to what Miguel de Icaza believes about the ISO approval of OOXML as an office document format standard, this is nothing but a big loss for the free software and open source communities. Yes, the whole OOXML approval process broguth Microsoft to a somewhat...

Free format victory case

I’ve been fighting a battle (one of many) about the use of free format files on private/public organizations. And I think I finally won this one. The Casino Tampiqueño is a social club in my hometown Tampico. So they organize balls and carnivals and multiple...