Fashion runway photos at Intermoda Trends 2013 part 3


For the fashion lovers, more photos from the fashion runway at Intermoda Trends 2013, (check part one and two). This time was a bit more challenging because of seating issues. I didn’t have front row seats so shooting from behind and between people’s seats was more difficult, but it also added a different view to some of the shots. Definitely not magazine looking shots, but still interesting and entertaining.

I wish I could say more about the fashion trends, but I’m a newbie on that and I don’t want to judge what I don’t know. I just love to take fashion and runway photos. The challenge of the whole event, timing the moment of the shot while models are quickly passing by and lighting constantly changing, is a great place to challenge yourself to take good pictures.



GST_0204   GST_0211



GST_0213   GST_0206



GST_0231   GST_0242



GST_0254   GST_0251

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