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First day at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010

DrupalCon SF 2010 keynote

DrupalCon San Francisco has been great. Yes, its been only one day but I love the atmosphere.

There are several tracks going on at the same time during the day, so its impossible to see every talk. I hope that they publish videos of the ones I couldn’t attend. There’s about 3,000 attendees so the place is packed.

Drupalcon hallway

I’ve been a bit distant on Drupal development for a while, but its interesting to me to see that most if not all of the talks are about Drupal 7, the next stable release. I guess that the move to this new version is going to be a lot faster than the version 5 to 6 adoption. Yes, it was mainly because many of the cool modules were ported very slowly, but it appears that most of them are going to be ready for the version 7 release.

So for the ones who like me were disconnected from Drupal, here are some of the new features it will have:

– CCK will be in core, called Fields
– Improved usability and accesibilty
– Database connector is now PHP PDO
– Multiple database support
– Testing framework
– RDF support

Here’s a more detailed list of all Drupal 7 features.

There’s no official release yet, but there’s only 114 bugs left and for a big project like this its not so bad. So with enough help that can happen very soon. Get involved and contribute!

By Gabriel Saldaña

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