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Going to DrupalCon 2010

Drupalcon SF 2010

So thanks to Justia, I’ve spent the last week at Mountain View, or what is known as the Silicon Valley area. Next week I’ll be attending the Drupal Conference, Drupalcon 2010, in San Francisco, California.

Its been great working and hanging out in this area, specially when things in Mexico are not as easy these days. Its good to have peace and tranquility in a nice safe neighborhood for a while.

I’m really looking forward to all the Drupal sessions. I’ve been away from Drupal development for a little more than 6 months now, so its going to be interesting to get back into the mindset. I’ve been doing a lot of scripting lately and its been also good because I went back to the basics. I’ve also made things even more interesting or challenging by going back into using old tools like GNU Sed, GNU Awk and the like. I say they are old because nowadays I don’t see much people commenting about using them.

Sometimes developers forget about all these great tools, or new programmers never learn them. A task that nowadays someone would normally write a whole script to execute it, it has taken me one line of a bash command. This is a huge productivity boost, so I’ll be posting some of these old but often forgotten tools and tips I’ve picked up.

So if someone else is going to attend the DrupalCon in San Francisco, I’d be glad to say hi and maybe have a beer or two and hang around the town, I’ve heard its fascinating.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter

One reply on “Going to DrupalCon 2010”

Que nos compartas lo que has estado haciendo últimamente con sed y gawk sería estupendo. Por mi parte he hecho algunas cosillas personales con sed y me gusta bastante. Awk también parece estupendo pero amerita un taller con prácticas y todo. Pero en fin, no he podido convencer todavía a nadie de hacer un grupo de estudio.

El otro día me estaba dando una vuelta por y son impresionantes algunas cosas que hacen en laboratorios con awk sobre patrones de genes y cosas así. Pero, no muchas gente hace investigación genética ¿cierto? Efectivamente algunos apuntes sobre awk que publiques serían algo no muy visto últimamente.

Sale, mucha suerte en San Francisco.

P.D. Disculpa escribirte en español en el post en inglés, pero todavía me cuesta bastante escribir en inglés. Y bueno, somos banda ¿no?
Buena vibra y paz.

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