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FISOL 2009 was great

I started the month of october at the FISOL 2009, in Tapachula Chiapas. I got invited to give several talks about free software and I have to say it was a great event.

First of all, the place was crowded with more than 1,300 attendees. That’s the largest audience I’ve addressed on a free software talk! Everyone was great, from the staff to the people who attended.

I was there to promote KDE and also helped out promoting Firefox along with Ricardo Meza.
Firefox people

The funny part is that we were treated like rockstars or something. People took like a thousand pictures of us and even asked us for autographs! It was funny and I enjoyed the whole thing anyway. Also, took the opportunity to promote this blog and my account on the autographs, so it turned out useful.

The rockstars

What was a surprise, at least for all us that were invited to give talks, was the musical performances during the event. Every chat was separated by one or two performances. For most of us it was the first free software conference with musical performances. Here’s one of those musical performances:

You can see more musical performances of FISOL at my page. Hope other conferences do the same. That makes it a fully cultural event.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter

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