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Identica-mode 1.2 with OAuth support released

The time has come to set up a new stable release for Emacs Identica-mode microblogging client.

It’s been almost a year since last release, but many people have been following the project’s progress through the git repository updates.

identica-mode 1.2


Download the identica-mode 1.2

The two most relevant features of this release is first, support for OAuth (requires using oauth.el). This enables users who log in via OpenID accounts to be able to use Identica-mode as their client. The other big feature is the support for conversation timelines. Now you can press C-c C-c while cursor is on a notice to display that notice’s conversation timeline. Conversation timelines are not available on statusnet servers prior to 1.0 version, since the API didn’t include conversation ids until then. I’d like to give special thanks Kevin Granade for his time and effort on these two very requested features.

To use OAuth authentication instead of the default plain auth, add this to your .emacs file:

(setq identica-auth-mode "oauth")

Another very requested feature for those who won’t switch to OAuth, is to store the login credentials in a safer way than storing it in plain text in your elisp configuration files. Emacs can read authinfo and netrc files for authentication information. You can even encrypt the authinfo using EasyPG.

All you need to do is create a file ~/.authinfo (~/.authinfo.gpg if using encryption) and add the following:

machine servername login yourusername password yourpassword

Replace servername with your server (if connecting to Identica service, use as server name), yourusername and yourpassword with your information. If you setup your authinfo file, you don’t need to set identica-password variable anywhere.

What’s new

  • OAuth support
  • Added support for authentication credentials stored in ~./authinfo (plain or encrypted) and ~/.netrc files instead of plain text elisp
  • Expand short urls by pressing ‘e’ while cursor is on a short url
  • Added to url shortening services
  • Added countdown minibuffer-prompt style
  • Retrieve server config page to set text limit of notices
  • Added conversation timeline support (only for APIs in 1.0+), when pressing C-c C-c over a notice it will display its conversation timeline
  • Added zebra stripes styling to timeline

Bug fixes

  • Fix highlighting of notices that are a reply to you but don’t have your nick in the text (as 1.0 change)
  • Always crop avatars to 48×48 pixels
  • Improved vertical spacing between notices
  • Fixed icon placement when displaying dents in reverse order
  • Identica-mode buffer will no longer get killed on network error
  • Fixed support for gravatar images
  • Lots of code cleanup
  • Many other minor bugfixes

There is also a mailing list for the project to discuss any new features, ideas or bugs.

Hope you like the new release and thanks to everyone who during this cycle has spent time reporting bugs or sending patches. Your contributions are very valuable and keep improving this project.

By Gabriel Saldaña

Gabriel Saldaña is a web developer, photographer and free software advocate. Connect with him on and Twitter

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Error during redisplay: (void-variable identica-active-mode)
let*: Symbol’s function definition is void: auth-source-searchError during redisplay: (void-variable identica-active-mode)
Error during redisplay: (void-variable identica-active-mode) [14 times]

me sale eso al querer conectarme con esta nueva version, alguna idea de como solucionarlo?

i use emacs-23.3 and not work, with oauth the link show me this: No se ha provisto de un parámetro oauth_token.

I have the same problems, maybe is something related to Debian, i’m on Debian testing, but you Debian modifies some packages, maybe something missing in Debian emacs (23.3.1)

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