Montecristo Signature Series Humi-Savor Travel Cigar Case

A few weeks ago I received the Montecristo Singature Series Humi-Savor from Montecristo. It’s a very nice travel cigar case that holds one piece but has the added benefit of having humidity control.

It’s a hard metal case with an internal base and a coil that will adapt to the size of your cigar to hold it firmly inside. The overall length is 8 3/8 inches and it can hold up to a 6×60 sized cigar. The top cover is a hard transparent plastic cap that seals the case tightly.

On the bottom part, there’s a plastic container with humidity pearls that expand when added distilled water. Those pearls will hold the humidity in the case for several days, maybe even weeks.

I loved this gift, specially these days that I’m visiting my parent’s house and can’t bring my humidor with me. This case will protect my cigar from any damage in my backpack and will also keep it fresh for several days until I light it up.

Although I got it for free, I’ve found it on several online stores at around the $25 USD price, which is not bad at all. I really recommend it for travelling smokers. Before having this, I used to save the crystal containers some Cohiba Coronas come in, but one day one of the containers broke and I had glass all over my bag and a torn cigar wrap. The Montecristo humi-savor is a much better and safer way to transport your cigars. If you have other tips for travelling smokers, please share them in the comments.

I plan to receive the new year celebrating with this 75th anniversary limited edition tobacco cigar from Montecristo. What are you smoking for new years?

By Gabriel Saldaña

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