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San Francisco Grant’s Tobacco shop closed

grant's tobacconists logo

Grant’s tobacco shop, a historic landmark in San Francisco has closed. It was shocking to me to find out this way, walking all the way through market to suddenly have this sad view of the shop. I have good memories of the time I first encountered the shop, made new friends and had a great […]


Montecristo Signature Series Humi-Savor Travel Cigar Case


A few weeks ago I received the Montecristo Singature Series Humi-Savor from Montecristo. It’s a very nice travel cigar case that holds one piece but has the added benefit of having humidity control. It’s a hard metal case with an internal base and a coil that will adapt to the size of your cigar to […]


Grant’s Tobacco shop


While walking in the financial district of San Francisco, I stopped by Grant’s Tobacco shop. It’s a traditional tobacco shop that’s been around since 1849. I usually don’t stop by any tobacco shops in the US because cuban cigars are illegal, and most of the cigars I smoke are cubans. But I got curious about […]


My cigar humidor & basic tips for cigar care


I’m very happy that my girlfriend recently went to Cuba for work travel, and she brought me back some very nice Cuban cigars. My humidor has been almost empty this year and today is fuller than ever before. I’m normally not a smoker. At least not the regular kind of smoker. But when I’m in […]