Sasha Grey booksigning in Guadalajara


Every year the second biggest book faire in the world takes place in Guadalajara, called International Book Fair, or in spanish “Feria Internacional del Libro”. This year I attended for a couple hours, since my bookshelf has several unread books still, I was not looking to buy any new ones.


Sasha Grey, a famous actress, retired porn star and now book writer came to present her book The Juliette Society and after the presentation stayed to sign books.

The attendance was impressive, the room had a maximum capacity of 400 people and I’m sure that there were nearly 200 more left outside. I was also impressed by the number of women who knew who she was and had her book. I expected much less women and more young men in the crowd but it was a very mixed crowd instead, although both men and women were young audiences.

My friend Michelle bought her book on Amazon and wanted it signed. She was very excited to meet her in person and we waited for the long line of people to get her book signed.


The book went out of stock at the event and the staff ended up printing “I owe you” notes to exchange the next day for the real books.





I haven’t read the book, but it’s in my amazon wish list now. I’m curious about her writing, since the interviewer made a lot of good remarks about her style and storytelling.

Here’s a short video of Sasha Grey reading part of The Juliette Society.

By Gabriel Saldaña

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