Sasha Grey booksigning in Guadalajara


Every year the second biggest book faire in the world takes place in Guadalajara, called International Book Fair, or in spanish “Feria Internacional del Libro”. This year I attended for a couple hours, since my bookshelf has several unread books still, I was not looking to buy any new ones.


Sasha Grey, a famous actress, retired porn star and now book writer came to present her book The Juliette Society and after the presentation stayed to sign books.

The attendance was impressive, the room had a maximum capacity of 400 people and I’m sure that there were nearly 200 more left outside. I was also impressed by the number of women who knew who she was and had her book. I expected much less women and more young men in the crowd but it was a very mixed crowd instead, although both men and women were young audiences.

My friend Michelle bought her book on Amazon and wanted it signed. She was very excited to meet her in person and we waited for the long line of people to get her book signed.


The book went out of stock at the event and the staff ended up printing “I owe you” notes to exchange the next day for the real books.





I haven’t read the book, but it’s in my amazon wish list now. I’m curious about her writing, since the interviewer made a lot of good remarks about her style and storytelling.

Here’s a short video of Sasha Grey reading part of The Juliette Society.


Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013 Guadalajara

A few weeks ago the Vogue Fashion Night Out event took place in Guadalajara at the Andares shopping center. The shopping center is one of the most beautiful ones in the country, architecturally speaking, and this event was perfect for the place. Almost every store had DJs playing and gave free drinks and promotions. There was photo booths everywhere and the people assisting there looked great everyone wearing their best clothes. You couldn’t distinguish between models or shoppers, it was stunning.

Unfortunately it was a weekday, so I could only attend after day job hours, so I only saw the last runway. It featured two main styles: a very rock/punk style and an old fashion kind of 40’s look.

This was a challenging night for me, as my kit zoom lens is at the Nikon service repair shop. I only had my 50mm 1.8G lens, and with my D7000 DX body, it makes it almost an 85mm lens. Shooting with that in a very crowded place with fast moving models in the runway was a big challenge.

I managed to pull some few good shots that I’d like to share here.

Photographer with gold umbrella Shiny purple short dress Worried model girl Runway male model close-up portrait Purple and brown Black and silver accessories Black leather jeans and boots Black mini skirt in the runway Patterned stalkings Retro look Vest and hat Retro hairstyle with loops Veronica Assis and husband at the runway Retro style with a hat Keyboard rock player GST_0156


Intermoda Trends Runway photos

Small silver purse - Intermoda Trends

More photos of the runway events at Intermoda Trends fashion event 2013 in Guadalajara. This event had many more runway activity than the previous one, so expect some more fashion posts because I have many.

Since I was unable to get a press pass, getting good shots at this event was hard because all the good photography spots were hard to get. This runway was at ground level and the photography booth was on an elevated box. So I had to squeeze myself between the standing crowd and when I finally got near the press area there was a small spot I could climb into. So I did, being very careful not to get in the way of anyone else and got my shots. Also, this secondary runway there was not very good lighting, so I had to struggle with that a bit in post editing.

A good recommendation for these situations is to get a vertical battery grip. It helps a lot to take those vertical shots in a crowded space without putting your elbow in front of guy next to you.

On the fashion appreciation side, I liked most of what was presented in this runway session. There was not many experimental or crazy clothes that are not usable. I enjoy more the practical “real” clothes than the crazy experiments that most times are just ridiculous.

Gray short dress - Intermoda Trends   Animal print long dress - Intermoda Trends

Gray see-through short dress  - Intermoda Trends

Black short dress with sleeves - Intermoda Trends   See through blouse - Intermoda Trends

See through red long skirt - Intermoda Trends

Erika Servin - Intermoda Trends

Blue shirt and jeans  - Intermoda Trends   Dark blue shirt, washed jeans and red shoes  - Intermoda Trends

Dark blue short dress  - Intermoda Trends

Short dress with long sleeves  - Intermoda Trends   See through black blouse and mini skirt  - Intermoda Trends

Texturized black mini skirt and sleeveless blouse - Intermoda Trends   Golden short dress  - Intermoda Trends

Kühl at Intermoda Trends

Colorful small hand bag  - Intermoda Trends   Black leather medium sized hand bag  - Intermoda Trends

Shuvi - Luna at Intermoda Trends


Intermoda Trends 2013 Guadalajara fashion photography


For the second time in the year, the Intermoda Fashion event took place in Guadalajara. This time called IM Trends, had more runway activity than the previous. It featured autumn and winter collections from several designers.

I could not miss this opportunity once again to do some runway fashion photography and polish my skills at it.

Here are some shots for you to enjoy of the IM Trends main runway with these artistic designs, nice colorful dresses and winter clothes.

GST_0016 GST_0020






GST_0065 GST_0061




GST_0081 GST_0079







A visit to the Guadalajara Zoo part 4: The Aquarium

Finally after my long break from posting on this blog, here’s the last part of the Guadalajara Zoo visit, for the previous posts check part1 – Big animals, Part 2 – Birds and Part 3 – Reptiles. The last section visited was the aquarium. I have a special feeling
towards fish in the water, I don’t know exactly what it is. Maybe it’s
the calm sounds of water, maybe it’s the freedom fish express by
swimming anywhere. I really never thought about it before, but I enjoy
watching the fish.

Ever since I left my parents’ home and live my myself, I’ve always had
fish tanks at my place. Nowadays a home without a fish tanks doesn’t
feel like home for me.

Smiling ray

Blue cichlid


Big cichlid tank



Seahorse and little red lobsters

The lion fish

Clown fish and a blue mask

Shark in the tank






A visit to the Guadalajara Zoo part 3: Reptiles

Smiling croc

In this third post I’ll show some of the reptiles at the Guadalajara Zoo. See part 1 for the big animals and part 2 for the birds.

A big old turtle

This sign was a bit of false advertising to me, or the croc went into the iguana area

False advertising


I finally found the iguana


I think it was the mating season for snakes because there was a lot of love at those exhibits

Snake porn

Rattle snakes in love


Green snake

Angry rattle snake

Yellow python