Ballet class


I had the opportunity to photograph a warm-up ballet class for the little girls at the National Dance Contest in Mexico city. This event is done yearly with students of many ages from all around the country from private and public dance schools.

In all the years we’ve been together, this was the first time I was able to photograph her at work through a complete class. I’ve taken pictures before on pre-show warm-ups, but never at a classroom, a full class.



It was interesting to watch her work with the kids. I’ve witnessed Ada’s teaching career since before she started professionally training for it. She’s very good at talking with kids, directing them and having fun while at the same time not loosing control and respect of the group. A very hard task to accomplish if you’ve ever worked with children.




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Writing music with lilypond

lilypond screenshot

A week ago, I spent most of my afternoon helping Ada with her new Debian system.

She’s writing her thesis and for that she needs to have music notes on the document. I’ve insisted her to write her thesis in LaTeX but she still refuses to learn the syntax and commands. So she’s doing it the tough way in Writer.

So, to make my point about LaTeX, I was sure there was a way to write music with it. A quick search revealed that a tool called Lilypond was all she needed.

sudo aptitude install lilypond

Fortunately for her, there is also an extension that renders the lilypond output as an image on a Writer document.

It took us about an hour to figure out the syntax she needed and after that, she’s happy and ready to finish her thesis.

Ada is happy she switched to, if he hadn’t, her thesis wouldn’t have pretty musical notation.