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Post to WordPress blogs with Emacs & Org-mode

Recently I’ve discovered Org2blog, an Emacs mode to write your blog posts locally using org-mode post them to your WordPress blog in a very fast and easy way. I’ve written before on how to write your blog posts and publish them using Emacs. Previously, my method of choice was using Weblogger mode. I even wrote […]

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Emacs weblogger mode with WordPress tags support

I’ve been looking for ways to blog from Emacs and so far my best solution has been to use weblogger.el. This mode supports many blogging platforms through the xmlrpc apis for blogger, metaweblog, livejournal and movable type. For more details about this mode, visit the emacswiki page. Since this blog is based on WordPress and […]


Actualizando a WordPress 2.3

Hoy he actualizado este blog a la nueva version de WordPress 2.3 que salio hace algunos dias. La actualizacion fue muy sencilla, solo descomprimi el archivo .tar.gz (en mi caso), reemplace todos los archivos viejos por los nuevos, despues entre a la pagina de upgrade, y listo! No tuve que modificar nada mas, y por […]