Plain text markup languages

Plain text markup languages

Instead of relying in complicated bloated office programs or embedding messy WYSIWYG interfaces in web applications, a quick way to format plain text is to use a markup language. Just like HTML that has tags to structure a document and render into special formatting,... 6 Tips for Writing as a Habit

6 Tips for Writing as a Habit

Writing is one of the best habits you can have. It helps telling stories, preserving memories, and organizing thought in general. Here are some gathered tips that I’ll be trying these days to have writing as a habit: Write daily Whatever you are thinking about,... Writing to get out of the mental block

Writing to get out of the mental block

Writing is the best tool to organize your thoughts. Many authors and leaders advice to daily writing as a way to master clear thinking. They are right, but writing constantly is not that easy, then thinking clearly is more difficult. Sometimes you lack time, ideas or... How NOT to kill an idea

How NOT to kill an idea

Sometime ago, I came across this image on a blog, 8 ways to kill an idea. These are all clever and very real ways to kill an idea on the work environment. But it made me think of way’s I’ve killed an idea, on a personal level, and I realized its missing a...

Post to WordPress blogs with Emacs & Org-mode

Recently I’ve discovered Org2blog, an Emacs mode to write your blog posts locally using org-mode post them to your WordPress blog in a very fast and easy way. I’ve written before on how to write your blog posts and publish them using Emacs. Previously, my...