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From my reading links: HTML5 forms and Django, Google API playground and Python development tips

  • Making Forms fabulous with html5 Great introduction to the new HTML5 form input types and what you can do with them.
  • HTML5 – Example Form validation and styling Form elements With the new HTML5 form input types and CSS3 properties, form validation is very quick and easy, as well as nice form element presentation.
  • Head JS A very interesting utility that will load all your js scripts (jquery, google analytics, etc) in parallel so page load times get shorter, plus a lot of other nice features like new HTML5 elements styling in browsers that don’t yet support them like some versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Google APIs code playgroud I didn’t know you could play with all the Google APIs in a single webpage, testing your code as your write it.
  • GeoDjango and google maps An interesting read if you’re trying to integrate Google Maps with Django
  • HTML5 and Django form inputs How to render the new HTML5 input types with Django form classes. It doesn’t require much, really easy and fast.
  • Emacs as Python IDE A bunch of tips to have a good Emacs Python development environment. I personally don’t prefer IDEs, so I don’t use ECB but the rest is very useful.
  • Setting up a Python Environment Good advice for those coming from a PHP world and are getting started on Python development. I didn’t know about virtualenv until I had to deploy my first Django app on a shared host web server. Then it all made sense.

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