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Change your default browser to Chromium in Debian and Emacs

The web browser is nowadays the most important and frequently used tool in a computer. Recently I’ve been using more the Chromium browser [...]

Prepare your tea with Emacs

I love tea. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I get my morning boost from severl kind of teas. I use black teas [...]

Post to WordPress blogs with Emacs & Org-mode

Recently I’ve discovered Org2blog, an Emacs mode to write your blog posts locally using org-mode post them to your WordPress blog in a [...]

Emacs Identica-mode release v1.1

Since the last official release, there’s been a lot of work on the Identica-mode for Emacs. Its been a while since the last [...]
Emacs Identica-mode notifications

Emacs Identica-mode notifications

There’s a feature on Emacs identica-mode that I haven’t documented or written about before and its been there for quite some time. Its [...]

Good bye Shyam Karanat

This weekend I recieved the sad news that Shyam Karanat passed away. Although we never met in person, he was a good friend. [...]

The Social Network Movie

I just saw The Social Network movie. From a geeky perspective, its a very interesting movie. But I don’t know if it will [...]

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