Chrome license makes Google more than the new Big Brother

Chrome license makes Google more than the new Big Brother

Yesterday’s big news was that Google released their own “open source” browser called Google Chrome. They released only the binaries for Windows, and even thought they claim to be open source, I don’t see where I can get the source code yet. But... Firefox to support OGG in html tag

Firefox to support OGG in html tag

Open source browser Firefox is going to support Ogg Theora video natively without installing plugins and will support the new HTML 5 tag to embed the videos on web pages. Will be ready on 3.1 release. This is great news since there has been a long debate about the... Antifeatures


Mako Hill has been talking about the Antifeatures, which are features that you don’t want but the product costs more when they don’t have them instead of costing more for adding them. Sounds tricky? Well, maybe its more understandable with this last news... Post iPhone announcements

Post iPhone announcements

After today’s iPhone announcements and all the excitement that has been generated, I started thinking about the competition. The nokia n95 and all the other smart phones have little advantage over the attractiveness of an iPhone. The features and the looks are... Telmex bloquea puerto 25

Telmex bloquea puerto 25

UPDATE: para poder enviar emails aun teniendo el puerto 25 bloqueado, presento una solucion en mi post Soluciones al bloqueo del puerto 25 Telmex ha decidido bloquear el puerto 25 en una medida, segun ellos, Anti Spam. Esto solo aplica a clientes de Prodigy Infinitum...