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Mako Hill has been talking about the Antifeatures, which are features that you don’t want but the product costs more when they don’t [...]

Post iPhone announcements

After today’s iPhone announcements and all the excitement that has been generated, I started thinking about the competition. The nokia n95 and all [...]

Telmex bloquea puerto 25

UPDATE: para poder enviar emails aun teniendo el puerto 25 bloqueado, presento una solucion en mi post Soluciones al bloqueo del puerto 25 [...]

ACM Crossroads 14.1 now online

I have just finished publishing online the newest issue of the ACM Crossroads Student Magazine. This new issue is a milestone for the [...]

Nuevas funciones en Google Reader

Google ha actualizado Google Reader, un lector de suscripciones RSS en linea. Es muy util sobretodo si trabajas en varias computadoras, ya que [...]

Thunderbird posiblemente se separa de Mozilla Foundation

Scott Mcgregor plantea en su blog la posibilidad de que Thunderbird se separe de Mozilla Foundation y forme una compañia aparte. Esto con [...]

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