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HTML5 nested article tag

HTML5 boilerplate for sectioning tags

I’ve seen a lot of confusion on the use of the new HTML5 sectioning tags <article> <section>, <nav>, <aside> and the role left [...]

PHP Debugging with Xdebug

Web development with PHP can get frustrating without the adequate tools. The most common thing a new web developer does when attempting PHP [...]
Cross platform IE testing

Free virtual box & other VM images to test website in IE

Testing your web design in multiple Internet Explorer browser versions is now easier. I’ve written before about how to test your website in [...]

10 PHP code quality tools to avoid a mess in your projects

When programming in any language there are certain common errors that everyone makes as they mature and evolve their programming skills. In the [...]

How to test your website on Internet Explorer with GNU/Linux and Virtualbox

As a web developer, you are always required to test your website code on Internet Explorer. And everyone knows how much of a [...]

HTML5 a jump backwards in web standards?

Web standards have always been about good markup, keeping things in order and cleaned up, etc. Using transitional or strict DTDs and validating [...]

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