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Mac OS X from a GNU/Linux User

The Mac OS X slogan I’ve heard from several mac fanboys is “it just works”. Well, being a GNU/Linux user for quite some time and coming to OS X, that is not the case for me. There’s a lot of little things that “just don’t work” on my particular usage. Recently I’ve been given a […]

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How to install PHP PDO extensions on Debian

If you need to install PHP PDO mysql extension on Debian, its verysimple. This is what I did to get it done for both MySQL or MariaDB extensions for the lastest PHP version: In case you need the PostgreSQL extension, use: These packages now provide PDO extensions, no need for any additional steps. For Debian […]

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Libera tu iPod con Rockbox

Libera tu iPod del software propietario y las ataduras a iTunes, entre otras cosas con Rockbox. Es una sistema operativo para tu iPod (o iRiver o cualquier dispositivo en esta lista) que es software libre y brinda muchas funcionalidades nuevas a tu reproductor como poder reproducir archivos Ogg, ver videos en tu iPod Nano (si […]