Debian on Lenovo Thinkpad X240

Debian on Lenovo Thinkpad X240

I recently got myself a new computer, the Lenovo Thinkpad X240. It’s my first Thinkpad so I cannot compare it to previous models. My old laptop is a Dell XPS m1530 that’s about 5 years old by the time of this writing. Still very functional but I wanted an... How to install Google Music Manager on Debian Wheezy

How to install Google Music Manager on Debian Wheezy

If you are running Debian Wheezy and have trouble installing the Google Music Manager from the official Google Music downloads page, here’s how you can fix it. The current Google Music Manager depends on libc6 2.15 and Debian Wheezy has libc6 2.13. Changing the... Debian and the girlfriend

Debian and the girlfriend

We got a new computer for the girlfriend some months ago. Since her old laptop was running Debian Lenny and she loved it, but the software packages were quite outdated, I decided to install Kubuntu 10.10 on her new laptop. Assuming that it would be easier to use with...

Happy 17th birthday Debian

I just wanted to post a few lines about Debian today since its the 17th anniversary of the project. I haven’t been a long time Debian user. I started using GNU/Linux as an experimental project back when RedHat was on version 5. Then one day, I purchased my first...

My girlfriend’s migration to Debian

After years of talking about it and her coming with me to my free software talks and meetings, she finally let me replace the proprietary OS on her laptop with Debian GNU/Linux. I think it took us both much time to migrate her laptop for several reasons. First, she...