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Lenovo X240 closed

Debian on Lenovo Thinkpad X240

I recently got myself a new computer, the Lenovo Thinkpad X240. It’s my first Thinkpad so I cannot compare it to previous models. [...]
Ada, ballet & GNU

Debian and the girlfriend

We got a new computer for the girlfriend some months ago. Since her old laptop was running Debian Lenny and she loved it, [...]

Happy 17th birthday Debian

I just wanted to post a few lines about Debian today since its the 17th anniversary of the project. I haven’t been a [...]

Random links from my bookmarks

I’d like to share my bookmarks from time to time. I think sometimes random browsing can be very fruitful and sometimes even productive. [...]

Mac OS X from a GNU/Linux User

The Mac OS X slogan I’ve heard from several mac fanboys is “it just works”. Well, being a GNU/Linux user for quite some [...]

How to install PHP PDO extensions on Debian Lenny

If you need to install PHP PDO extensions on Debian Lenny, its very simple. This is what I did to get it done: [...]

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