A year in review and plans for 2015


I’m laughing alone reading last year’s resolutions post. If you could see how things are today, compared to what I had planned that day, you might say that my life paused for a whole year. But no, actually very important milestones happened in my life but these pages were forgotten for the second half of the year.

It seems that I’m getting worse than last year in reviewing my year goals and achievements. Last year I wrote the post on February and this year, it’s already March! Anyway I don’t want to skip a year just because I couldn’t find the right time in the first days of the year.

So last year I had 5 major points of focus and I’ll review what happened on each:

  1. Health – Although I did lost the weight I wanted, I’ve accomplished somehow to gain it all back in December and January. I think I got even worse. My formula to loose the extra weight does work, but my formula to keep myself in shape is missing. So in that regard, I’m back to where I was last year.
  2. Projects – Artistelink has not happened. I didn’t even wrote a single line of code for it in the whole year. I mentioned that two days before writing that post I got some bad news that would change things. Well, things did change, work-related. But now that things have settled, it was a great change! I couldn’t have thought of it better. Artistelink might happen someday, but that idea evolved into something more that is half-way done and I’ll talk about later.
  3. Photography – There hasn’t been much paid jobs this last year, but I’ve done a ton of “free” work that I haven’t published but I did processed most of the RAW files I had pending back then. I still owe my family’s 2014 Christmas photos…and 2015’s too. I also got started editing video since I got a GoPro and combining footage from my DSLR and the GoPro has been fun.
  4. Traveling – I did a lot of travelling through 2014, and ended up moving permanently to Mexico city. I’m still not used to the traffic, but it’s not a big deal since I work from home. So in this regard, I consider it an accomplished goal.
  5. Writing and reading – I don’t know how to consider this. On one side I forgot to update these pages in more than 6 months! There’s a lot to write down, get off my head and share. But, I also started a news blog in Spanish: Notasbit. I update it every week with the latest tech news that I talk about on my radio show segment. Oh yes, that’s one of the things I haven’t shared in these pages: I have a radio segment every Tuesday at 5 pm Central Time in Zona3 Radio in Guadalajara. Okay, that aside, I have been writing a lot, just not here. On the reading side, I finished 3 books from my queue. Not much for a whole year, but it’s better than nothing.

So having 2014 craziness gone away now, my life has settled a lot more since moving to Mexico and getting married (this deserves a post of its own to elaborate the details). Settling down helps a lot to focus the mind and stop thinking about a thousand possibilities and end up doing none. I hope to get more done, more consistently.


A few days ago I had some studies made on my respiratory system. There is a possibility that I’ll need surgery to help me finally breathe better. Maybe this is the root of the cause of my dislike of aerobic exercise? The Fitbit has helped me a lot on being conscious about my daily activity and I’ve done a lot better than before. I also got the Aria smart scale and I use it daily to keep track of my progress or failure. I need to get in better shape and a stronger body. I don’t mean big muscles, just a healthy body with a lower body fat percentage which is currently at 27.4%.

Work and Projects

Currently I love my work, my workspace (home) and what I’m working on. It hasn’t been all roses, but it’s been a great learning experience so far in the project management, client management and team management areas as well as programming challenges and new technologies. It is the whole package. Apart from that, in the first days of the year several projects came to my door by clients so life will be very busy. I have two main side projects that I’d like to get going this year, one with my dad and one with my brother, so that’s the goal here.


I’ve been using Darktable all these time and I recently tried Lightroom for the first time. I’m still skeptical if I’ll prefer Lightroom or not, mainly because my main machine (running Debian) can’t run it but I’ll continue exploring. I like how fast it was even in a slower computer compared to the one I use with Darktable. If it helps me get more done faster, it will be a huge selling point for me. Project wise, I don’t know, I don’t have real plans here, except for getting better lenses.


I just want to go to Cuba this year. It might be the last year before McDonald’s or Starbucks starts popping up over there now that the US has announced they will reactivate relations.

Writing and reading

I’ll continue posting on Notasbit every week and try to update here at least once a month. I have a long queue of books to read. So far I’m half way though two books, so that’s more than half of last year’s mark. I won’t commit to a book a month yet, but let’s put the goal at 6 books this year at least.

Let’s see how a settled life affects my achievements. I’m optimist on being more focused and able to control better my environment. Working from home allows me to have a great quality of life, healthier home-cooked food, walk the dog between tasks, etc. It can also lead to bad habits like less socialization, being in pajamas all day and don’t shower for a week… but being married means I need to socialize with at least one person and shower every day. I’ll work on the pajamas part, as it’s 2 pm while writing this post and I’m still wearing them (oops).


La Gran Plaza Fashion Show Guadalajara Fall 2012

I love fashion shows. They are the perfect opportunity to go out and take pictures of awesome models. Sometimes you have to deal with bad lighting or not having a good spot to shoot.

Anyway, here are some of the photos I took at the Gran Plaza Fashion Mall Show for Fall 2012. This event was held by La Gran Plaza mall in Guadalajara, it was simple but nicely done and at the end they had the final day of an amateur modeling contest.

Little black dress Blue roses dress DSC_3867 DSC_3844 A girl with a smirk and a hat DSC_3760 Long red roses dress DSC_3814 White roses dress DSC_4198 img_0006_01 DSC_4164

Judges picked the winners and they gave cash prizes as well as the first place gets to be the spokesperson of the mall for 2013.

DSC_4282 DSC_4298

Much more photos can be found at my Flickr set, where I posted 153 pictures of the event.


My resolutions for 2010

Xmas time

This 2009 has been a good and busy year. Lots of things have happened: I switched to a new job, I got a DSLR camera I’ve been wanting for a long time, I visited San Francisco and the Sillicon Valley, I went to LibrePlanet and met Richard Stallman and many others I look up to, became webmaster and I got a dog.

But looking back to my 2009 resolutions post, I’m very sad to see that I barely did any of those items in the list. From that list, I’ve only been able to fix that bug from Emacs Identica-mode and have continued to improve it. And also released one personal project which is version only) a humor website to shout out what pisses you off in a short and anonymous way.

So, for this year’s resolutions I’m going to continue with last year’s list with some updates. So here are my goals for this 2010 year:

  • Exercise 3 times a week and keep it up at least 3 months.

    I haven’t been able to keep this one up for the past two years. I’m not good at disciplined routines and specially not at exercising, but for health conditions this must be done. Now two years later without reaching this goal it is logical that my health and my weight are worse than before, so now it is a high priority project. Last year I added a goal of 3 times a week to make it more accurate than just say “do more exercise”, but since I couldn’t reach it last year, I’m adding an additional clause to make it even more measurable: keep it up for at least 3 months. This way I’ll know for sure that I’ve reached my year’s goal and hopefully will motivate me more.

  • Start private lessons to learn to play the piano.

    Last year I wanted to learn to play the piano but learning by myself has been hard. What’s been harder is finding the time to sit down and practice. So getting private lessons will force me to sit down with the teacher and have full concentration on the task. What stopped me from learning to play the piano was that I never got the private lessons teacher. So to be more specific, I’ll start by finding my private lessons teacher and start those lessons. Lets see what stems from that at the end of the year.

  • Improve Emacs identica-mode.

    Its been a very good year for identica-mode. I’ve recieved a lot of contributions and also added nice features. I’m very happy with the progress so far. But still there’s a lot of room for improvement. I’d like to add asynchronous http connections so that it won’t hang Emacs on crappy connections.

  • Deploy and improve personal projects.

    There are several things I’d like to do with like adding comments, user login with option of remaining anonymous and voting. Also I’m planning to release the code with an AGPL license. There are other projects that I need to get out to the world. I’ll just set the goal to one more project release this year.

  • Finally start to podcast.

    I’ve been wanting to start producing a podcast for about 2 years. I’ve been procrastinating on that project for a very long time. I don’t have much planned, its just a thing I want to explore and experiment. It will feature tech and music, that’s all I have planned.

  • Learn to groom my dog and train her more tricks.

    This year I got a miniature schnauzer. She’s a very good and smart dog. I’ve trained her a couple of tricks but she’s still not the best obedience dog ever. I’d like to train her more tricks and make her more obedient. And also I’d like to start grooming her myself this year. I don’t like how local vets have trimmed her hair, and have basically ruined her color and texture. By grooming her myself I’ll keep the quality I want on the looks and texture of her fur.

As last year I couldn’t even get my bonus point of riding an ostrich, I’ll set this year’s bonus point as:

  • Go back to rappeling or kayaking at least once this year